Drawing for me is another form of thinking. I draw to process and make sense of my feelings, unpicking power tensions, pinpointing and playing with particular emotions - visualising them into graphic variations of animal-human hybrids and other anthropomorphic forms. Searching for the animals that lurk within us still.

Wood seeks to challenge processes of making through the materials she uses and through the use of her non-dominant left hand. Across a range of scales and spaces she incorporates collage, animation, drawing, painting and cut-outs in her work, all with the aim of evoking a heightened sensory experience in the viewer.


Madeleine Wood graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2020. Since then, her work has been featured in The Scotsman (11/07/2020) and shown at Unit 1 Gallery, London and GENERATORprojects, Dundee, as well as online at The New Artist, ALLMOUTH gallery, SPUR community and PaintersPostingPaintings.

In September 2021 she was awarded the year-long Graduate Residency at Leith School of Art.