Born in Glasgow, Tom Connolly RSA (Elect) is the Director at Elder + Cannon Architects, an architecture and urban planning practice based in Glasgow.


Tom Connolly RSA (Elect): ‘Born in Glasgow and raised in Cumbernauld in the early 60’s at the height of the new town’s genesis and utopian development – I was housed, educated and attended church in designs by eminent Glasgow Architects Gillespie, Kidd & Coia and in a particular landscape environment shaped by its natural hilltop environment and a developing built environment, then shaped by the then current influence of Northern European thinking.
(… This is obviously my post-rationalisation!) So one could consider (though not as simple as that) this physical and cultural context led to my interest in and progression towards an architectural education which commenced in Canterbury and was completed at ‘The Mac’ in Glasgow.’


After initial work in London, Glasgow drew him back where he was employed with and became a Director of Elder + Cannon Architects. Here he cut his teeth contributing to the City’s emerging Merchant City redevelopment which provided a comprehensive education combining design and its realisation collaboratively.


In the intervening years Connolly has contributed to a wide range of masterplanning, cultural, educational and residential projects some of which a wider audience has thought fit to recognise with a number of awards.