A life-long experience of living and working in Scotland, and the meditative aspect of fishing inform Jake Harvey RSA’s approach to sculpture at a profound level. 


Extensive visits to museums, archaeological and architectural sites around the world to record the traces of humans through drawing and photography, are the information-gathering process and primary touchstones for his practice.


Jake Harvey RSA: ‘The sculptures I make evolve from things seen, experienced or imagined. Some develop from drawing or as tangents from works previously made. Some simply emerge from the experience of working with material and the making process. I work with predominantly earth-related materials and currently mainly with stone, the matrix of our planet. Stone's geological formation, erosion and deposition and how it has created the landscape over millennia and how man has utilised stone is significant; as are the archaeological traces, monuments and tools that evidence that evolution.


'In drawing and sculpture, I aim for an art of simplicity and essence and often focus on the interdependence of form(s) and negative spaces (both enclosed and peripheral). ‘