Shauna McMullan RSA (Elect) is an artist and lecturer. Her main areas of research are in feminism, geography and collective practice.


McMullan is interested in the relationship between geography and art and wonders if it’s possible as an artist to employ the language of cartography to create alternative mappings or counter cartographies. The work which can take the form of sculpture, installation, printmaking and/or text, is underpinned by an ongoing enquiry into equality and diversity with a particular focus on gender politics. Context informs the medium.


Maps and mapping are central to her practice. Her projects include: I Gladly Strained My Eyes To Follow You, Pollok House, Glasgow (2018); The Albert Drive Colour Chart, Tramway, Glasgow (2013); The Blue Spine Collection made for Glasgow Women’s Library (2010); Travelling the Distance commissioned for the Scottish Parliament (2006) and Via, Toyota Museum of Modern Art, Japan (2005). These extend her interest, creating artworks not specifically about mapping the physical earth, but instead charting mutual topographies and our relatedness and connectivity to one another. Her interest in context, dialogue and engagement are crucial factors in the work and extend to all areas of her practice – from gallery-based exhibitions to large scale, permanent public artworks.