Over the last 10 years Gordon Munro RSA has investigated the creative possibilities of iron. Early works were inspired by Friedrich Froebel’s gifts and resulted in the creation of a set of 32 iron blocks that collaborators were invited to rearrange to create their own individual ‘portraits’. This collaborative approach continues as Munro works with Ewan Robertson in making Cloud Dialogue. This work is a series of cast iron objects existing as nodes in an interchangeable, physically interconnected molecular-type ‘cloud’.

Recent works have further explored iron and the nature of the object. The work Ordinary Artefacts shows a changing collection of iron objects inspired by a make do and mend aesthetic, best illustrated in Vladmir Arkhipov’s book Home-Made, Contemporary Russian Folk Artifacts.


Munro studied at Edinburgh College of Art ( 1981-1986) and is currently the Assistant Director at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and a Lecturer at ECA.