Leena Nammari RSA is a Palestinian artist printmaker based in Scotland.


She has exhibited within Scotland and Europe, Palestine and Australia as part of group exhibitions and has had a number of solo exhibitions. She is a master printmaker, in all aspects of printmaking, and though her ideas predominantly are analysed and broken down through printmaking processes, she has also worked in film, photography, bronze and ceramics.


Her Palestinian heritage and background has always been the backdrop to her making, a kind of story telling as art, a basis to all her work, subtly loaded with the politics of the many, but always reflecting the personal. As all Palestinians, she has had her fair share of personal brushes with the occupation, whether personally having grown up there, through frequent visits home, or through her own family history. Her images have something amiss in them, a sadness, a tangible nostalgia, an abandonment, a loss, allowing a little pause in the viewer, allowing the viewer to reflect a little what they have seen, touching their personal.