Gaia Tretmanis’s practice revolves around physical manifestations of sentimentality and disgust, exploring the ways in which imaginary narratives derived from conversations or treasured possessions can be digested through the body.


This project began forming in late 2019, working from the feeling of closeness and the possibility of excess warmth being warped into something sinister if left alone for too long. Acting as the catalyst for the rest of the work, the audio piece was accumulated from old home videos, stories from loved ones and sound recordings from her own internal organs to create an atmosphere for the sculptures to respond to. Sound reactive circuits flash and interlink through pieces, trying to put life back into their organic or plastic bodies. Edibility is played with through attempts to preserve ingestible materials that ultimately will deteriorate. This work has taken inspiration from household smells, culturally significant materials, and small ocean creatures to weave a personal narrative that encompasses the miniscule ways in which our surroundings impact us.


Gaia Tretmanis is a multimedia installation artist that has recently graduated from the Painting & Printmaking BA (Hons) course at Glasgow School of Art. She is currently based in Glasgow.