MV Brown presents a series of stills taken from film work she developed whilst on residency in Cove Park, Argyle & Bute, in summer 2019. Their size akin to a postcard and encapsulated between glass, these isolated frames become vestiges of performative play, living somewhere between action and inaction. Interjecting the traditional landscape with her body and through digital means, she offers a queer narrative unbound by time and space, investigative of sensuality found in nature and the body as a site for unexamined possibilities.
MV Brown is a visual artist based in Glasgow. Her practice is primarily performance based and utilises the human body, exploring the tensions between embodied subjectivity and the body as spectacle. Her work explores themes of narcissism, voyeurism and exhibitionism through a queer lens; as well as reflecting on the performance of daily life, and how we perform our identities.