Jack Whitelock's work engages in processes of collage and painting; where abstraction, imagery and representation are constantly revolving, as the distinctions between elements move in and out of perceptions. Themes vary and evolve as the work develops, connoting to personal feelings and interpretations, reflecting broader truths and human conditions which lie between individual and cultural memories. For Whitelock, a gesture can not only reveal truths, tensions or mysteries but can also hide from us, open up, or take hold of us.


The aesthetic of awkward clunkiness through the accretion of matted layerings and windows, obscure what was once there - flickering between meanings and aesthetics. Mystery and ambiguity play an important role in suggesting an intuitive reading, not being too easy to digest, but to hold themselves in a constant state of opening up and closing off to the viewer.


Whitelock is a painter based in Edinburgh, originally from Hull, Yorkshire. He completed a BA in Painting at the Edinburgh College of Art in 2020, and is now an artist in residence at the Leith School of Art. He has appeared in recent group shows at the Royal Scottish Academy, the Freelands Foundation Gallery and Unit 1 gallery, London.