Series of Provocations (i, ii and iii) is an assemblage of personal and collected writing. These fragments examine the ties between personal and systemic healing and trauma, drawing upon Greek mythology, lived experience and critical theory as resources. Embodiment is a core theme throughout the work, demonstrated visually through the hand written and hand printed screenprint text.

Placeholder for a Power of Sorts (i and ii) sit alongside the textile wall hangings as a visual demonstration of power dynamics. Whilst the porcelain antlers hold more power in their material value, they are much more fragile than the silicone antlers which hang freely from the gallery wall.


Rosie Trevill is an interdisciplinary artist based in Glasgow working predominantly in writing, textile screenprinting, sculpture and performance. Rosie graduated from Fine Art Photography BA (Hons) at the Glasgow School of Art and in 2021-2022 she has been a resident in the Hospitalfield Graduate Programme and In Session programme.


Her practice centres around language and embodiment as acts of resistance and resilience, within both personal and societal frameworks. Her visual works and research are informed by queer and feminist discourse, incorporating ancient and contemporary mythologies.