Hume’s practice explores intuitive acts of making and reconnecting with childlike wonder through ways of seeing; her work embraces finding joy in the physical creative process, through her vibrant palette and kaleidoscope of geometric and fluid sculptural forms. The body of works in her practice seek escapism from the mundane in the form of fascinations of the phenomenon of the natural world, hovering between scientific wonder and the pure joy found in observing the vast intangible cosmos.

This piece is driven by Jess’s fascination with space and the stars, creating her own mini ‘squishy cosmos’ of prismatic swirling colours, fusing together recognised pointed star imagery with her geometric kaleidoscope of bizarre organisms in this spatial installation.


Since graduating in 2020 from Edinburgh College of Art with a degree in Sculpture, Jess has continued to pursue her artistic practice through a further masters in Contemporary Art in Edinburgh. Her earlier print work made during her undergraduate degree can be found in the permanent collection of the University of Edinburgh’s Old Medical School.