Alicja’s artistic practice is circulates and explores the subject of loss.

As a granddaughter of a concentration camp survivor, she focuses on the emotions associated and taken from childhood, closely related to the memories of her ancestors - a story of fear, death and disbelief. These studies touch upon the aura of Alicja’s first experience of absence and mortality. Thanks to the intimate discourse, all traces and associations remain suspended into the layers of an understatement.


Rodzik often uses found and abandoned items such as shoes or old photographs, often chosen because of their personality. The use of visual metaphors is powerful and helps the identity speak for itself. Alicja believes that through her interventions, she summoned some spirits to provoke this posthumous dialogue.

Ultimately her work is one of many attempts to analyse trauma passed down from generation to generation.


Alicja Rodzik is a European artist based in Scotland. She graduated from Robert Gordon University, Gray’s School of Art in Painting, in July 2020 with a First Class honour’s degree. She works mainly with three-dimensional objects, installation, drawing, painting and photography.

She was selected for SSA New Graduate Award 2021 and RSA New Contemporaries 2022.