Painting offers me a methodology for understanding my sexual impulses, and the world of erotica. I enter a dialogue with the painted surface, where I am free to interrogate, explore, and express desire and emotion, unencumbered by the restraints of negatively prejudiced judgements. My ambition is to identify more closely, a visual examination of male homosexuality in image and sensation.

The resultant works are a unique and creatively potent combination of pride, desire, secrecy, and shame. Yes, the images that act as my source material are highly explicit and sometimes pornographic. I am not trying to shock the viewer merely by purveying gaudy lustful images of porn. Rather, I try to translate into pictorial form, emotions experienced when queer people see these images and later when they interact sexually. My work asks - ‘How can a painting authoritatively depict feelings of sexual awakening and awareness?’.


I graduated Edinburgh College of Art in Painting in 2020. Since then, I have exhibited work in London, Edinburgh, Manchester and on online platforms. Participating in an artist residency in my hometown, Manchester (May 2021), was a meaningful experience for my practice. I discovered a fresh confidence to explore my sexual identity and to unpack my relationship with homosexual erotica.