My practice explores the idea of thingness and how the art object and the typical object function alongside each other. There is a tension between the traditional high-fi nature of paint and the low-fi everyday objects. I use the familiarity of the everyday to give the viewer something recognisable, yet through the addition of paint, it elevates the everyday into something new.


I consider the traditions of painting. I juxtapose areas of thick oil paint with watercolours and house paper. It is important that the conventions of the medium are challenged.


Sam M. Harley is a practitioner based in Scotland. She graduated in 2020 from the Painting and Printmaking department at The Glasgow School of Art where she was awarded the Visual Arts Scotland Top Graduates Award. In 2021, she graduated with a Masters in Curatorial Practice from The University of Glasgow and The Glasgow School of Art. Alongside maintaining a painting practice, Harley works as an art facilitator with a focus on inclusion within the arts.