The symbol of the speculum is deeply embedded in Marie-Chantal Hamrock’s work. The word speculum emanates from Latin meaning both mirror and to look. A speculum is both a gynaecological instrument and a mirror. It has served as a navigational instrument in her practice, steering her towards themes such as historical re-enactment, sexuality, and mysticism.

BUOY is a short documentary exploring the mystery of the copper buoy that is rumoured to float near the elusive Sea Speculum in the North Sea. But what is the Sea Speculum? A hole, an aperture, a portal? Told by the sea faring community and passed on through generations, the secrets surrounding this story are explored, revealing the strange and uncanny customs that envelop it.


Marie-Chantal Hamrock studied Contemporary Art Practice at Gray’s School of art. She was awarded the Robert Gordon University Art & Heritage Award and was selected for the Hospitalfield Graduate Programme in 2021. Shortly after graduating, she was commissioned by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art to produce work as part of their Triple Harvest exhibition, which was exhibited both digitally and physically.