At theUniversity of Edinburgh, Ben explored the divergent narratives of Manhattan, an island territory that torments and inspires the protagonists of his thesis project, Puck’s Furrow.

Puck, Randel, Poe and the Archivist inhabit journalism houses and houses for journalists set in a proximity that demands encounter with the city, and with one another. It happens here because this is where modern Manhattan began, on the ecotone where John Randel Jr. laid his first marble post that set the grid in motion. It is a proposal that invites Manhattan to look and look again at the truths on which it is built, whilst reflecting on the very real isolation we all felt in the spring of 2020.

What began as an endeavour to draw the city as it is evolved into a therapeutic practice, seeking to track the passing of days to prevent them from passing by without consequence. The work presented here is a fragmented archive of that work.


Ben graduated from the University of Edinburgh with distinction in 2020, winning the Architectural Technology Award for research into building fabric that improves air quality.