I’m a self-taught woodworker heavily inspired by the mechanisms of wooden toys. Thinking of the term ‘craft’ as a transformative and non-linear process, my work aims to dismantle stereotypes in woodwork and construction.


My playful approach to carving is inspired by Sister Corita Kent’s method of ‘plork’. Plork combines the methods in-between the poles of the work/play binary. Playing with the ‘in-between’, my artworks embrace the temporal aspects of the body to oppose binarised categorisation (male/female, whole/fragmented, finished/in process). Recycling debris and undesirable wood is not just a means of sustainability but a means of decolonising the field of woodcarving. My research of Queer Theory aims to stimulate a more mindful consideration of the not-so ‘neutral’ materiality of wood.


After graduating from The Glasgow School of Art in 2020 I was shortlisted for the Artist Collecting Society’s Studio Prize and placed as a semi-finalist for the RBA Rome Scholarship. I returned to GSA and graduated from the MLITT (Sculpture) program in 2021, winning the GSA Sustainability Award.