Dylan Esposito is a Glasgow based artist working primarily within the medium of sculpture. His works usually take the form of utilitarian objects that have been rendered unfit for purpose, playing with ideas of functionality and normalcy. Referencing the utopian visions and shortcomings of design, he draws parallels with his autistic experience, using humour to subvert negative stereotypes of neurodivergence. Round Peg in a Square Hole playfully examines the miscommunications of implied meaning and literal interpretation of idioms.


Since graduating from GSA’s Sculpture and Environmental Art program, he was selected for the SSA New Graduate Award and RSA New Contemporaries. His recent exhibitions include the Neuk Collective Exhibition at Custom Lane Gallery, Leith; Graduate Drive Through as part of the Glasgow Open House Festival 2021; SSA Annual Exhibition 2021 at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh; and London-based curator Georgia Stephenson’s 2020 Patio Project.