Catherine Eckersall’s work explores wild spaces of personal significance, combined with folktales that correspond to these areas. Memories of place are distorted through superstition and stories, making them seem otherworldly and strange. Through delving into these memories, the intimate connections between communities and their environments are uncovered, as thoughts, feelings and circumstances can be reflected in the natural surroundings. Folklore and superstition continue to influence how the landscape is interpreted, even as it changes and develops with the modern world.


These paintings are conceived through a process of distillation, selecting imagery from a wide body of research and narrowing these down to a series of symbols to create a narrative. The resulting landscapes are exaggerated in form and colour, but ultimately carry a sense of familiarity.


Catherine Eckersall is a Scottish artist, originally from rural Stirlingshire. Since graduating from Painting at Gray’s School of Art in 2020, she has been based in Glasgow, developing her painting practice alongside her interest in the therapeutic benefits of art.