We speak many languages, not all of them come from our mouths.

The ways in which we move through the world—a world built for the able body and mind—are alive for me and form the core of my practice. I refer to the body and senses through wearable and interactive pieces. Materials play a significant role in my explorations of the relationship between our movements, interior states and functions, external restrictions and outward expression.

The hope for my pieces here is that they may stimulate personal questions around how we all have a unique dialogue with the world and our surroundings, expressed through our remarkable, individual bodies. I aim to open up a playful space where one can ponder and reflect.


2020 - Sculpture BA Hons, Edinburgh College of Art
2018 - Artist in residence at the Institute of Advanced Uncertainty, San Francisco
2019 - Eleanor Worthington Special Prize, Art and Disability, York