My passion for residential architecture and neighbourhood creation stemmed from my initial work experience in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. There I began to understand the policy and spatial drivers that shape the urban environment. This continued through my studies where I focused on estate regeneration through neighbourhood creation. I am working towards being accredited as both an Architect and a Planner to pursue my passion of how policy and mortar can develop successful neighbourhoods.


My exhibited work portrays a snapshot of Masters Research project when in conjunction with Perth City Council the city became an urban laboratory to explore key urban planning/architectural issues. The project, titled Reforming Multi-Storey Living, focuses on looking at how typical 1960s multi-storey tower blocks could be reintegrated back into the city’s fabric to create liveable, legible neighbourhoods. Utilising Perth City Centre’s Pomarium Flats the project underpins the key elements for successful regeneration: The urban composition, the neighbourhood and the individual building.


Graduated from the University of Dundee with a Masters in Architecture with Urban Planning, I have since continued my passion for residential architecture moving to Manchester to work for a small residential practice – Kimble Roden Architects.