My practice uses digital animation to create imaginary new worlds. My ideas can flow from everyday experience, from memories or daydreams. I look for extraordinary visual moments that are more than they appear. I build emotional and poetic worlds full of propositions and potentials to provoke thoughts and feelings about the nature of realities. My work seeks to make intimate connections through minor gestures that cross private and shared spaces, to live within the imagined, the half remembered, the real and the virtual. I work across media and connect my drawing and painting practice into the digital. I am interested in making worlds that afford a versatility for shared speculative flights of the imagination that have a potential to push back at the edges of the screen.

The Glow Worm is a split screen video diptych about loss. A lighthouse is something that warns of danger and keeps you at a distance. Yet we are all drawn to things that glow.

Sound produced by Bow & Arrow Productions.


I am an artist from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I graduated from The Glasgow School of Art with a First Class degree, BA Hons in Sculpture and Environmental Art in 2020.