Sophie Stewart is a multidisciplinary visual artist who challenges the acceptance of constraints caused by modern working conditions and highlights the effects of precarity on the individual. She questions dehumanising aspects of precarious work by emphasising the mundane, prolonging repetitive routines, and drawing attention to societal labels and expectations.

This body of work focuses on the long wait for the return to ‘normality’ that many have experienced since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the grim reality of returning back to unreliable work under even more uncertain circumstances. Highlighting the emotional labour that many workers face by sharing extracts from real stories, Stewart questions the acceptance of hidden injustices in the workplace and the toll this has on the individual, and whether returning to this lifestyle should be the accepted ‘normality’ at all.


Graduating from Gray’s School of Art in 2020, Sophie Stewart was awarded the Society of Scottish Artists New Graduate Award, BP Fine Art Award and Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries 2021 as a result of her degree show.