Sherry graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in 2020. Her creative work includes, beside photography, different forms of screenprinting. She is an artist who enjoys making art about nature’s raw beauty, but also human’s interaction with nature. Her art is a distillation of her response to that place, what she knows about it, what she feels about it, its character, its moods, its energies. She responds to nature in specific places where she lived like Aruba, Scotland, The Netherlands.

Since her first walk in the Scottish Highlands, she has been mildly obsessed with the mountains in the Highlands. For this exhibition she used materials she found exploring the landscape in Scotland and Aruba that are directly relatable to the environment. She transforms the stones into symbiosis with nature, her focus is always the line and the shape. During the process she experiments with colours and the positioning of the shapes and simplifies the details to make them look more abstract and nonrepresentational.