Scottish Painters and Limners: Works from the RSA Collections (A Diamond Jubilee Celebration)

RSA Friends Room Exhibition

Open Mondays 10am - 5pm, or by arrangement, call 0131 225 3922


Part 1: Raeburn to Paton


The second RSA exhibition in 2012 celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee explores the work of the artists who have filled the post of Scottish Painter and Limner since the early 19th century.


Henry Raeburn, David Wilkie, William Allan, John Watson Gordon, Joseph Noel Paton, Robert Gibb, David Young Cameron, Stanley Cursiter, David Donaldson, Elizabeth Blackadder. 


In 1823 the historic position of Painter and Limner, a member of the Royal Household in Scotland, returned to its roots of being awarded to a distinguished Scottish artist for the first time in one hundred years.


Since Henry Raeburn, every subsequent artist selected has been an honorary or full member of the Royal Scottish Academy. Using original work, copy engravings and ephemera, Scottish Painters and Limners weaves a path through the life, work and influence of the eminent Scottish artists bestowed with this prestigious position.

The exhibition will be mounted in two parts. Part one (24 Sept - 17 Dec 2012) focuses on the Painters and Limners from Henry Raeburn to Joseph Noel Paton, who were active during the reigns of King George IV, William IV and Queen Victoria.