Outside Edge

Finlay Room, RSA Lower Galleries | Free entry


Kate Downie RSA | Helen Goodwin | Ju Hongshen  | Professor Xu Yun 


Outside Edge is the culmination of a collaboration between two Chinese and two British artists that began with a residency in Carsaig, a remote coastal edge of the island of Mull, in 2019.


Although initially forced to abandon the next stage of the project (a residency and exhibition in China) because of Covid-19, the four artists ‘regrouped’ through a virtual residency in 2021, sharing studio time daily for a week.


This exhibition present the outcomes of this cross-cultural collaboration, featuring drawings, ink paintings, installation, calligraphy and film. 


The residency was supported by the RSA William Gillies Travel Award.


Banner image: Helen Goodwin, Chalk Spheres and Basalt Sand