In Japan: Highlights of Academicians' projects in contemporary Japan

RSA Finlay & Projects Room

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Artists have long been fascinated with Japanese art and culture. This exhibition examines projects by RSA Members whose work is directly influenced and inspired by Japan (and Japanese artists), investigating elements of collaboration and practice.


Elspeth Lamb RSA and Paul Furneaux RSA show new works alongside over 30 invited Mokuhanga (wood block printing) artists from Japan and Scotland, with supporting woodblocks, printing equipment and historic Japanese prints by artists such as Utagawa Hiroshige and Kono Bairei. Arthur Watson RSA and Ian Howard RSA show their new paperwork/book project made in Aichi with artists Hisashi Kurachi & Sotaro Ide, and Jacki Parry RSA, Ian McKenzie Smith PPRSA, Dame Elizabeth Blackadder RSA and George Donald RSA show works made in response to their travels in Japan. There are also works by Honorary Academician Helen Frankenthaler on loan from PACE Editions, New York, as well as works by notable Scottish artist and RSA Member Ian Flemming.


The exhibition will feature a number of RSA Members: Elizabeth Blackadder | George Donald | Ian Howard | Ian Fleming | Helen Frankenthaler | Paul Furneaux | Elspeth Lamb | Ian McKenzie Smith | Jacki Parry | Arthur Watson


And over 30 internationally invited Mokuhanga artists: Takuji Hamanaka, Japan | Minako Murata, Japan | Hiroki Satake, Japan | Mariko Jesse, Japan | Nana Shiomi, Japan | Kyoko Sakamoto, Japan | Akiko Wickham, Japan | Raita Miyadera, Japan | Yuichi Asano, Japan | Akiko Fujikawa, Japan | Eva Pietzker, Germany | Karen Kunc, USA | Dean Bowen, Australia | Annie Bissett, USA | Henrik Hey, Denmark | Peter Lazarov, Bulgaria | Daniel Heyman, USA | Susan Rushforth, Australia | Linda Beeman, USA | Tom Thysse, Netherlands | Dariusz Kaca, Poland | Nel Pak, Netherlands | Michael Reed, NZ | Mike Lyon, USA | April Vollmer, USA | Campbell Sandilands, UK | Debra Bowden, Ireland | Ralph Kiggell, UK | Maria Lucia Cattani, Brazil | Gardiner Muirhead, UK | Tuula Moilanen, Finland | Katie Baldwin, USA |Margot K.Rocklen, USA