The Academicians' Gallery

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For October 2015 The Academicians' Gallery expands into the Finlay Room to make a special presentation. 


Rediscover aims to unearth gems from our Academicians' studios. Specifically, we were interested in locating works from earlier periods of our Academicians' careers.  Works that perhaps signified a change in the artist's practice were considered, in addition to those that had simply not been on display for many years; but above all we were interested in exhibiting works with some degree of provenance.

Many commercial galleries are only interested in showing new work but artists produce interesting and worthy art at all stages of their career.  Indeed, when the day is done and the auction results start to roll in, it is very often works from a specific period that command the premium prices, especially when the provenance allows the work to be fully verified.


The works on display here all have some degree of provenance - i.e. a history of being exhibited, often in seminal exhibitions and published in accompanying catalogues that serve as research documents years and decades later.  Furthermore, each of these artists has seen their works accessioned into both public and private collections across the UK and further afield.


For some, the works in Rediscover will provide a trip down memory lane. For others it will present an exciting opportunity to collect a rare piece of art, with provenance, by a leading artist.  For all, we hope this modest presentation will provide an engaging example of the length and breadth of an artist's practice over time and allow a small insight into the multi-faceted face of post-war art in Scotland.


Exhibitors: Michael Agnew RSA | Delia Baillie RSA | Gordon Bryce RSA | Mary Bourne RSA | Joyce Cairns RSA | Calum Colvin RSA | Joe Fan RSA | James Fairgrieve RSA | John Mackechnie RSA | Stuart Mackenzie RSA | Gordon Munro RSA | Graeme Todd RSA | Adrian Wiszniewski RSA


The RSA is part of the Own Art Scheme, which offers the option to spread the cost of a new acquisition using 10 monthly payments - all interest free!