The Curious Eye II

RSA Lower Galleries

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For a 360 panorama view of the exhibition please click here and scroll with mouse. 


In 2007 John Busby proposed and co-curated The Curious Eye; an exhibition held at the RSA that encouraged fellow Academicians to display work where they had "lost themselves" in the fascination of detail, structure and form.  In the original invitation letter Busby wrote:


Artists are naturally curious, and in all cultures since cave painting, curiosity about the natural world has been a springing point for the creative imagination.  So what of today? Do we retain our child-like curiosity and lose ourselves in forms we find intriguing - animals, birds, clouds, colour, insects; fish, fossils, fungi, feathers; plant-forms, reptiles rocks, rainbows; shells, seed heads, sunsets - studies made primarily to explore and learn from nature, whether or not they are to be used later in your work.


To coincide with the exhibition of Busby's paintings in oil, the RSA will reprise this exhibition, inviting Academicians to once again display work relevant to the original proposal.  The result will be a new exhibition, entirely different to its predecessor, that showcases the delight taken in that most fundamental of human pastimes: looking and seeing.


Exhibitors include: George Donald, Eileen Lawrence, Glen Onwin, Frances Pelly, Iain McIntosh, James Castle, Gordon Mitchell, Marian Leven, Elspeth Lamb, David Michie, William Littlejohn, Lennox Dunbar, Annie Cattrell and Fiona Dean.


Works from the exhibition will be available for sale, along with a selection of artist publications.