SHELTER STONE: The Artist and the Mountain

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“The door to the invisible must be made visible”
Rene Daumal, Mount Analogue


Shelter Stone – The Artist and the Mountain celebrates the completion of a  year-long public art project taking the format of a newsprint publication. The Strict Nature Reserve and the Mountain Bothy Association (MBA) have partnered to deliver the publication to over 100 remote bothies, shelters and mountain huts across the UK, Iceland and the Alps between mid-summer 2017 and mid-summer 2018. The publication is only available to view in these remote locations.


The publication features contributions by forty-six writers and artists, all of whom have a fascination with the mountain landscape.  This exhibition celebrates the end of this yearlong distribution with an exhibition and related events by a selection of the artists and writers involved in the project.


In 1894, Aleister Crowley, one of the most influential figures of 20th century counter and popular culture, joined the Scottish Mountaineering Club. As one of the earliest members of the club, Crowley pioneered several British and Alpine routes; was involved in the first attempt of K2 and helped design what is considered to be the modern crampon.


Shelter Stone – The Artist and the Mountain is an exhibition that encompasses everything that we think of when we consider the relationship this allegorical figure had with the mountain. The magical, physical, spiritual, pioneering, poetical, ritualistic, confrontational interface between the artist and geology. The exhibition will be a celebration of how artists have been held within the gravitational pull of this analogue landscape and feature a range of presentations, including painting, moving image, sculpture, print, text, performance, drawing, and photography.


Exhibiting Artists
AMC | Rabiya Choudhry | Craig Coulthard | Aleister Crowley | Chris Drury | Alec Finlay | Gabriela Fridriksdottir | Alan Grieve | Ilana Halperin RSA (elect) | Hannah Imlach | Maris | Georgia Rose Murray | Timothy Neat HRSA | Sebastian Pöllmann | Jessica Ramm | Eddie Summerton RSA | Norman Shaw | Graeme Todd RSA (elect) | Arthur Watson PRSA


Join us for our Bothy Night
An evening of poetry, music and performance evoking the culture of the mountain bothy.
Thursday 23 August 2018, 8pm - Click to book tickets