Paul Furneaux: 目の戸 | Mado

The Academicians' Gallery | Free entry


目の戸 | Mado is an exhibition of new works by Paul Furneaux RSA. Renowned for his mastery of the Japanese printmaking technique of Mokuhanga, Furneaux’s work takes inspiration from the colours, shapes and textures of both the Scottish and Japanese landscapes.


The Japanese word for ‘wood block print,’ Mokuhanga is a traditional printing technique, originating in ancient China and used in Japan since the eighth century. Differing from the oil-based inks used in a Western woodcut, a Mokuhanga print is made with water-based inks which allow for a wide range of vivid colours. Furneaux uses the rich colours available in his Mokuhanga printmaking process to evoke the ever-changing landscapes of both the Scottish and Japanese archipelagos.