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ORDER + CHAOS: Contemporary and historic works from the RSA Collection

 “We adore chaos because we love to produce order” M.C. Escher


Throughout history the pursuit of controlling, ordering and classifying ourselves and our environments has been a mainstay of humanity’s quest to dominate the world, but despite our efforts the inevitable forces of chaos are never far away. It is only by keeping a balance between order and chaos that life and creativity is sustained.


As a reflection and product of society, art runs parallel to this search for meaning in an uncontrollable environment. Man or machine; war or peace; conscious or subconscious; calm or storm – artistic minds have been drawn to exploring and representing this dichotomy and in some cases bridging the gap.


Featuring, amongst others, work by Eduardo Paolozzi, John Faed, Robin Philipson and Jack Knox, both the contemporary and historic is included to present an eye-catching tribute to the influence of order and chaos in art, past and present.