RSA Finlay Room


Emerging fine-art film makers in Scotland who push the boundaries of convention by employing the latest technologies….


DARKSPACE will be the second presentation of new film works by recent graduates from the Scottish art schools. It is intended that DARKSPACE highlight the quality and breadth of practice currently being undertaken by emerging fine artist filmmakers in Scotland today.


The Royal Scottish Academy strives to create opportunities for artists in Scotland through the initiation of exhibitions, awards, scholarships and residencies. More information about RSA opportunities can be found in the Opportunities section of our website.


Artists and films on view –

Hanna Tuulikki: ‘Alas, Alas, This Woeful Fate’
Ian Henderson: ‘Prophet’
Jana Liptak: ‘Manicure’
Laura Cooper: ‘Exercise 3, Ice’
Anita Wyatt Murray: ‘The Tablecloth is White’
Anna Nolan: ‘The Day That You’ll Love Me’
Gilla Brooker: ‘Oh Sugar’
Rebecca Wilcox: ‘This Blank Generation’
Leah Lovett: ‘After the Deluge’
Steven Higgins: ‘Untitled’
Neville Rae: ‘one of the the things that you would be qualified to do would be the job that i am doing’
Andrew Cattanach: ‘Mirror’
Mary Ferguson: ‘Creation’
Ryan Siegan Smith: ‘Assaulted by a spirit part 77’