DEMARCO ARCHIVE: Scottish Artists

The Demarco Archive is a comprehensive record of continuous contemporary (collaborative) practice during the second half of the 20th Century and continuing into the 21st.


Before The Richard Demarco Gallery opened in 1967 there was no venue to see avant-garde art in Edinburgh or indeed in Scotland. Demarco brought artists from across Europe to Scotland to show and work and those artists went on to directly influence a generation of Scottish artists.


This exhibition looks at the careers of a number of Scottish artists and their formative and successive collaborations with Richard Demarco HRSA over the last forty years.


The exhibition will follow four main sections:

  1.  THE EARLY PROGRAMMES featuring Will Maclean, Frances Walker, Sir Robin Philipson;
  2. MAKING CONNECTIONS featuring Ian Hamilton Finlay, Paul Neagu, Joseph Beuys and Henning Christiansen;
  3. WORK IN EUROPE featuring Scottish artists showing in Cavallino, Sarajevo and Venice;
  4. PROJECTS IN SCOTLAND featuring shows such as: New Directions (1970) with Michael Docherty; Edinburgh Arts (1975) with George Wyllie; Scottish Sculpture (1975) with Bill Scott and Jake Harvey; Match Head (1992) with David Mach; Homage to Beuys (1994) with Will Maclean, Gareth Fisher, Glen Onwin, Eileen Lawrence, William Brotherstone, George Wyllie, Sandy Fraser and Jack Knox; Beyond Conflict (2002) with Doug Cocker, Michael Docherty, Bill Scott, Marion Leven, Ian Howard and Gareth Fisher; and Housing the Archive (2002) with Malcolm Fraser.


The exhibition is presented by the Royal Scottish Academy and is curated by Arthur Watson, Euan MacArthur and Steve Robb.


Gallery Talk: 2pm, Saturday 25th September, admission free
(hosted by the Friends of The Royal Scottish Academy)