Works from the Studios of the Royal Scottish Academicians


To view a 360 panorama of the new Academicians' Gallery please click here.


The Academicians' Gallery is an exciting new venture at the RSA, set up with the aim to provide a premier destination for collectors who are interested in the work of RSA Academicians.


Historically, RSA Academicians have been able to exhibit during our Annual Exhibition in the summer and, more recently, at our RSA Open exhibition in the winter.  Together these provide around 15 weeks of exhibition time, during which the general public can see who the Academicians are and what their work looks like.  The Academicians gallery looks to offset these restrictions by being open throughout the year and standing apart from the other exhibitions taking place in the RSA Building.


Thanks to our unique relationship with our Academicians, the works you see on display are sourced directly from artist studios and may be from any point in the artist's career.  Please note that in addition to the works on the wall, we also have a range of non-exhibition works available, both framed and unframed.  We are also able to locate specific works by our Academicians from particular periods or exhibitions, depending on availability - so if your heart still yearns for the one that got away, please do make an enquiry.


An interesting feature of The Academicians' Gallery is the Studio Wall - an opportunity for one Academician to present a more in-depth survey of work.  This could be new work or older work relating to a particular series, place or time (for example, work created on a residency, a suite of prints made for a book illustration, etc).  The Studio Wall will change throughout the year, aiming to exhibit between 10-14 Academicians per year.  Keep posted for new updates about who's coming to the Studio Wall next!


The RSA is part of Own Art, which offers the option to spread the cost of a new acquisition using 10 monthly payments - all interest free!