John Busby RSA

Academicians Gallery

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An exhibition presenting elements of oil painting by the late Academician John Busby.  A much celebrated wildlife artist, Busby was also a dedicated landscape painter whose work was often executed in bold colours, in styles ranging from highly representational to near abstract.  Looking at the work, particular themes emerge.  Views of the land from above - a bird's eye view - seemed to fascinate Busby and the expansiveness of the sky also held great appeal, becoming very nearly the sole subject of some paintings. Of course, wildlife is the thread that connects these paintings to the rest of John's oeuvre. As creatures of the land and sky, birds do feature in many of the paintings and it's clear that the concept of habitat and territory was a rich seam of study. This exhibition promises to offer a rewarding experience for anyone interested in painting and finding out more about the work of this significant artist.


Works from the exhibition will be available for sale, along with publications by the artist.