Gordon Mitchell RSA: Altered Images

The Academicians' Gallery

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An exhibition of 40 recent paintings in oil, showcasing Mitchell's astonishing technique in a series of wonderfully imagined and skilfully executed compositions.

The following text has been prepared by the esteemed architect and painter, Andrew Merrylees RSA.


Gordon Mitchell RSA is a prolific painter and sometime sculptor.  Born in 1952, Gordon's childhood was problematic but now his wife and children are the bedrock of his life.  He works to a regular office timetable in order to devote time to the rhythm of normal family life.  He studied at Edinburgh College of Art from 1970 to 1974 and then pursued a career in teaching art until 1989 when he became a full time professional artist.  Since then he has been a tireless producer of many fine works of art.


'Fine Art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart of man go together'. John Ruskin


All three of these faculties are evident in Gordon's work and the search for an all-inclusive characterisation of his portfolio is difficult: not Surrealist nor Expressionist but a unique blend of the two.  Above all he expresses himself; his opinions and preferences, his strict self discipline and his quirky sense of humour.  They all manifest themselves in the completed works.  Gordon starts from a highly developed and experienced intellectual base, imbues his ideas and thoughts with personal emotional attributes and then has the skill of immaculate draughtsmanship to render the finished article.


A master of his craft.


Every painting is a journey starting with an outline plan but the route taken is liable to change if opportunities arise along the way.  The artist, however, is always in control but often the destination is not precisely the one initially envisaged.  Each eagerly anticipated new painting commands a contribution from the viewer in order to fully appreciate the essence of the content. In addition, sometimes his juxtaposition of elements generate alternative interpretations. Gordon Mitchell never ceases to surprise and delight.


Andrew Merrylees RSA