Elected ARSA: 20 March 1918 

Elected RSA: 13 February 1924

David Gauld, whose death took place at East Kilbride on 18th June, was born in Glasgow in 1867. Apprenticed originally as a lithographer, he very soon found work in newspaper illustration and also as a designer of stained glass. By these approaches he was led to devote himself to painting, and apparently owed little to any formal training.


Mr. Gauld was associated with the group of Scottish artists which attained prominence during the eighties of last century, and which latterly became known as the Glasgow School. One of the most apparent influences on this group was the work of J. McNeil Whistler, and many of its members, including xauld, were exhibitors in the “International Society of Sculptors, Painters, and Gravers”’ which had Whistler as its President.


Mr. Gauld drew many of his subjects from France, where he painted at Grez and at Montreuil. These works were usually landscapes with buildings in twilight. Another type of picture is represented by “ Contentment” in Kelvingrove, Glasgow, with a number of calves as subject.


Many of these works were acquired by public galleries, not only at home but on the Continent and America. He was elected Associate member of the Academy in 1918, and Academician in 1924. His diploma work is an evening effect entitled ‘“‘ Curfew.”


He was a member of the Glasgow Institute, and for several years represented the Academy on the Board of Governors of Glasgow School of Art. Quite recently he was appointed Director of Studies of the design department of Glasgow School of Art. Mr. Gauld is survived by his widow and a married daughter.


Transcribed from 1936 RSA Annual Report

Further Images

David Gauld RSA (1867-1936), Curfew

Oil on canvas, 1932-33, around, 71.5 x 91.9cm

RSA Diploma Collection (Deposited, 1933) 2000.014