Shipei Wang (b. 1993) is an artist based in Glasgow, UK. Shipei works predominantly using pigment and acrylic on Habotai silk.
Working intuitively from both the front and backside of the material, Shipei’s work invite the viewer to enter a dreamstate. Repetitive appearances of the same form often feature in her visual language, representing the human subconscious manifested from experiences of the everyday.
Inseparably linked with the dreamlike rendering and ambiguous placement of human forms, the artist’s subtle narratives draw their meaning from forgotten identities swept away by the banality of daily routine. In many instances, an unspoken urgency for intimacy and desire is mediated through the composition’s stillness and somberness, reminiscent of mid-century Scandinavian figurative paintings.
Shipei’s style confronts the multifacety and ambiguity of one’s identity. Whilst orbiting one’s immediate settings from the domestic to the public, the self is often times by necessity contorted, tangled, and unrevealed.
Shipei Wang’s works feature in permanent collections of the Royal Scottish Academy, the Glasgow Print Studio and the Glasgow Kelvingrove Museum.