Helen Goodwin is a site responsive artist including installation, photography, film, drawing, performance.  She received an MA in Drawing from UAL, Wimbledon (2013), a postgraduate scholarship to Budapest, Hungary (1994-96) under tutorage of polymath artist Dóra Maurer, and BA in Fine Art from Hull (1988).


Helen has lived and worked as an artist in the UK, Europe and Asia.  She often works in remote locations ranging from coastal edgelands, forests and abandoned buildings with an emphasis on local stories and on environmental impermanence. She combines local found-geology with material culture of place. In 2019 Helen was commissioned by award-winning publisher Penned in the Margins for work about disappearing edgelands. http://www.edgelandia.com/2020/07/24/impermanent-edge/


Helen’s work usually lasts only for the duration of the install before it is either, washed, cut or swept away.  Recent work has been installed/ exhibited in The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and Japan.  


In addition to working individually, Helen has worked collaboratively with one or more (including up to seven) artists.  Apart from her art practice, Helen works as an arts educator/ facilitator in UK and internationally.


Much of Helen’s practice has continued largely through invitations to UK and international residencies and exhibitions, which include, for example: Hungary, 1996 - collaboration with dancer and choreographer, Gerszon Korvats; China, 2001 to 2005 - solo and joint shows; Japan, 2012 - working with artists, designers and architects; Sweden, 2011, 2014, 2017 - forests and disused buildings; Sweden 2016, 2018, 2020 , Performance festival; Switzerland, 2016 - old and disused cobblers shop; Netherlands, 2019 - drawing collaborations; UK, 2020 - virtual solo show, eight galleries from Brighton to Whitby; 2021 Brighton UK, billboards featuring a photographic work; 2022 UK, Artists Support Pledge, The New Art Gallery, Walsall.


Helen worked and lived in China for eight years (1999-2007) where she exhibited, curated and worked alongside local artists in both Kunming and Beijing.  She facilitated a cross-cultural project between Chinese and Swedish artists in both China and Sweden.  In 2006 Helen studied basic techniques of traditional Chinese drawing and painting at the art school in the Dongsiba Hutong in Beijing.


Helen has work in international private and institutional collections.