These are selected works from the ongoing Letterbox Drawings series. Included is a custom drawing apparatus used in their execution. The drawing board hangs from an apparatus that is inserted into a door, holding the letterbox open so that the interior can be observed and drawn. The drawings themselves are often literal representations from a primary source, sometimes just a thematic starting point. The drawings are time-sensitive and present a practical challenge to the artist due to the positioning of his body and the sensitivities of the location. Top floors are often favoured to avoid stairwell traffic. Buzzers are rung to ensure a drawing experience without interruption or confrontation. The presence of dogs on the other side of the door is undesirable.

The drawings are artefacts of a conversion. One enclave of the experiential territory of cities has been claimed by the artist through intervention with this bespoke drawing device. The works are each one temporal instance of a practice that includes projection and empathy, prompting the viewer to consider the banality of audacity, assumptions of ownership and the primacy of drawing.