Elected ARSA: 9 November 1831

Elected RSA: 10 February 1834

Mr Walter Geikie died in the prime of his life, having afforded a high example of that honourable devotion to his profession which must ever accompany the studies of those who would rise in the practise of Art. He had successfully combatted many of the difficulties which beset the road to eminence, and gave promise of an excellence, which, had time been permitted, would no doubt have been realized.


The council, in retiring from office, and in leaving its duties to the care of their successors, repose every confidence in his zeal and prudence in carrying forward the national objects of the Academy, in maintaining the integrity of its constitution, and in promoting the harmony and securing the co-operation of all concerned: and he equally relied on the continued exertions of the Members towards the attainment of individual eminence, and trust that, by their public services to Art, he will eventually assert the claim of the Profession to occupy, in the sense of the community, his true relative position in the scale of public honour and utility.


RSA Obituary from 1837 RSA Annual Report