Elected ARSA: 8 November 1865

Keeley Halswelle, A.R.S.A., was born at Richmond on Thames in 1834. He took up residence in Edinburgh in 1856, in which year he sent his first picture to the Annual Exhibition of the Academy. For a good many years he was largely employed as a draughtsman on wood, his services as a magazine and book illustrator being in great demand.


He was elected an Associate of the Academy in 1865. In 1867 he went to Italy, and, after some years residence there, finally settled in London, where his works were afterwards chiefly exhibited. Possessed of considerable energy and versatility, his subjects ranged over a wide field, but in later years he devoted his attention almost entirely to landscape. He died in Paris, after a short illness, on 12th April 1891.


Transcribed from the 1891 RSA Annual Report