Andrew Merryless FRSA, RSA, RIBA, FRIAS: ‘Vitruvius tells us Architecture is “Commoditie, Firmenes and Delight”. I focus on these elements of function, construction and aesthetics, exploring all the possible algebraic combinations overlaid with a range of priorities uniquely relevant to each project. Architect, Artist, Designer, Town Planner - I believe that all these disciplines have a common denominator and that my efforts in various mediums are inextricably linked.


I am interested in all forms of visual art – ROSC – the poetry of vision. Drawing and painting particularly have been a life long pursuit running in parallel with, and informing my architecture. I am fascinated by the imprint of nature and human nature on buildings – weathering, ageing, usage, etc. Fully retired in 2009 I now have the freedom to pursue my lifetime hobby of painting and enjoy experimenting with different approaches and mediums.’