RSA Schools Art Award: Registration now closed for 2023. Submission deadline 31 March.

  • About
    Beth Renwick, Ullapool High School


    The Art Award has been running since 1986 and is considered by teachers to be one of the most prestigious awards made to pupils. There is no particular theme with the emphasis on skills of technique, observation and interpretation. In particular, the judges will award prizes for work which displays creativity and originality. This year's Art Award has been generously supported by Brodies LLP. 


    2023 format

    • Entries will be submitted digitally.
    • The Awards Ceremony will be hosted in person.
    • A virtual exhibition of winning work will be hosted in an online viewing room.



    • Junior (S1 & S2)
    • Intermediate (S3 & S4)
    • Senior (S5 & S6)
  • Prizes

    Maisy Kean, St Matthew's Academy


    A panel of judges will award:

    First prize of £250, second prize of £150 and third prize of £100 in each category.

    Highly Commended Certificates awarded to 10 entries in each category.



    The Chair's Challenge

    • Prizes £300, £150 and £100. Category S5 & S6. Theme to be announced

    New Entrant Awards

    • A special award of £250 in each category for the best entry from schools that have not participated before, or within, the last five years.

    Brodies Special Schools Award

    • First prize of £250, second prize of £150 and third prize of £100. Category S1-S6.

    Brodies Inspirational Art & Design Department Award

    Brodies Regional Awards

    • Prizes of £150 awarded to the best entry in each category from the regions: north, west, and south-east.
  • How to enter

    Jennifer Jobling-Purser, Loretto School

    How to enter

    1. Please register your schools intent to enter the awards before Monday 16 January 2023. To register, please complete this form and email it to with the subject line "2023 Registration".
    2. Before the deadline of 31 March 2023 select the 15 works from each category to be submitted and take a photo of each work. Photos must be at least 1MB and saved as a Jpeg.
    3. Label each photo with the pupil's name, school and category. Copy the photos into separate folders for each category. Convert each folder into a zip file before sending.
    4. Submit the entries in separate zip folders for each of the categories - Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Special School, Chairmen' Challenge
    5. Send files via WeTransfer to listing the schools name and category in the message area. If your school is entering for the first time (has not entered in the last 5 years) include NEW SCHOOL in the message.
    6. Entries to the Chair's Challenge should also be sent via WeTransfer. 
    7. All entries will automatically be included in the selection for Brodies Regional Awards.
    8. All entries must be received by Friday 31 March 2023.





  • Terms and conditions

    Sophia Kalmijn, Balfron High School

    Terms and conditions

    1. The work is to be carried out by students studying Art and Design in S1-S2, S3-S4 and S5-S6 in the previous calendar year.  From March 2022 – March 2023.
    2. Each student can only submit one entry for the Main Award in the category in which they are studying.
    3. Students in S5 and S6 may submit an entry for the Main Award, and the Chairmen’s Challenge (ie two entries are possible).
    4. Schools may submit up to 15 entries in each award category.
    5. The work should be two dimensional, using any suitable medium. It may be mounted but not framed.
    6. Unmounted work should not exceed A2.
    7. Each work should be clearly marked on the back with:
      1. the name and class of the student
      2. the name of the school
      3. where appropriate indicate if your school is a New Entrant (if you have not participated in the last 5 years)
  • Contact

    For enquiries contact Samuel Watterworth, RSA Friends Administrator.
    T: 0131 624 6119