• Studio Facilities




    The Admiral’s House, Skye £1300 per month or £850 per two weeks, all-inclusive for one room and studio in three bedroom house.
    We can also look at week long stays for £800 for the whole house depending on time of year.


    Minimum Period

    2 weeks (occasionally 1 week would be considered)


    Maximum Period

    2 months


    Other facilities

    We would consider offering a discount on rent depending on the length of the artists’ stay.


    Support offered

    Free membership.
    Concessionary rates.
    Induction on all facilities.
    Personal tuition.
    Professional Development opportunity –costs covered to participate in a portfolio review event to meet with experts to get feedback on work.
    A minimum of two mentoring sessions with Director.


    Promotional support offered

    WASPS website, Facebook, Flickr and regular email bulletins.


    Exhibition opportunities

    We have exhibition opportunities at our Hanson Street, Briggait and South Block buildings in Glasgow as well as at Perth Creative Exchange and Inverness Creative Academy.


    Accommodation offered



    For further details please visit waspsstudios.org.uk/space/the-admirals-house/