• Studio Facilities

    Facilities offered ONLY to people with good, recent experience in printmaking that are able to work without assistance.

    Workshop facilities include:


    Intaglio workshop:
    Facilities for steel, copper and zinc etching; engraving; photo etching and monotype.
    Takach motorised etching press 42″ wide
    Bewick and Wilson “Clydesdale” motorised etching press 42″ wide
    2 x Rochat etching press 26″ wide


    Relief print workshop:
    Facilities for wood engraving and wood cutting.
    Columbian Eagle press 24″ x 36″
    Albion proofing press 14″ x 26″


    Screenprint workshop:
    Facilities for autographic, photographic and mono screenprinting.
    Kippax vacuum table 44″ x 56″
    Kippax vacuum table 44″ x 56″
    McCormack vacuum table 58″ x 83″
    60″ x 80″ printdown frame with 3kw metal halide light source.


    Digital imaging and print suite facilities:
    1 x 24″ iMac Intel Core 2 Duo desktop computer
    1 x Apple Mac G5 desktop computer
    2 x Apple Mac G4 desktop computer
    1 x large format (44″) Epson 9600 inkjet printer
    1 x large format (44″) Epson 9880 inkjet printer
    1 x A4 flatbed scanner + transparency adapter
    New specialist darkroom for photopolymer, photo etching and cyanotype



    2 weeks – £60 sessions
    3 months – £360 sessions


    Minimum Period

    2 weeks


    Maximum Period

    3 months


    Support offered

    Waivered membership fee (normally costs £100). We will also provide £50 worth of materials and 1 hour’s 1:1 training with a master printer. The artist will receive a full Orientation session to welcome them and help them familiarise themselves with GPS and its M.O. They MUST be proficient in printmaking as there is limited technical support available.

    GPS will also try to provide support by arranging social occasions to allow the resident to network and make friends with other members of GPS.


    Promotional support offered

    We will promote the artist during their residency by including them in our e-mail newsletter and social networking updates.


    Exhibition opportunities

    There will be a short exhibition at the end of the residency to showcase the work created at GPS.


    Accommodation offered

    We don’t normally accommodate residents - it is the artist’s responsibility to secure accommodation for the period they are visiting. We can put the word out via our members forum etc and try to help.


    Alternative accommodation

    WASPS artists’ studios at Hanson St, Glasgow have a small flat that can be booked by the artist. Please note this is subject to availability and must be booked far in advance. WASPS offer a subsidized rate to artists so it is quite economical.


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