• Studio Facilities

    Private, brightly lit studios suitable for all types of work (one studio has a 60-litre kiln). The accommodation and studios have no internet connection. This is provided in the Jacobs Building (all artists have 24-hour access to this communal space). The Jacobs Building and two accommodation units are fully wheelchair accessible.



    £600 per week


    Minimum Period

    2 weeks


    Maximum Period

    4 weeks


    Other facilities

    The Jacobs Building provides a library and access to communal and private workspaces that can be used for meetings, screenings or laying out work in progress.


    Support offered

    The RSA resident will be supported by Cove Park’s Senior Director of Programmes and the full Cove Park team. As with all forthcoming residents, the RSA artist will receive the Cove Park Handbook in advance of their residency and information on the facilities, local amenities, tools, and equipment available. Artists are welcome to contact staff in advance of their residency to discuss specific requirements and to receive support with planning and research. The RSA resident will be welcome (but not obliged) to take part in informal and professional events designed to bring the artists on site together with staff and guests, these can include lunches, dinners, studios discussions, talks, screenings and public events.


    Promotional support offered

    The RSA residency and the artist will be featured on Cove Park’s website, highlighted on all its social media platforms and included in our monthly Newsletter.



    Exhibition opportunities

    Cove Park does not have a dedicated gallery space and does not run a regular programme of exhibitions.


    Accommodation offered 

    Each artist is provided with their own private accommodation in one of Cove Park’s Cubes or Pods. Cove Park’s residencies are offered on a self-catering basis and each unit of accommodation has a small kitchen. Artists are also welcome to use the communal kitchen and dining area within the Jacobs Building.


    For further details please visit covepark.org


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