Lennox Dunbar RSA: Lewis & Other Journeys

The Academicians' Gallery

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Lennox Dunbar’s prints and mixed media paintings have long explored the notion of ‘place,’ usually by incorporating objects from his locale. These elements have included tools and components from agricultural machinery – hints of the historic and contemporary industry and rural way of life surrounding him in Aberdeenshire. The exhibition title, Lewis and Other Journeys, which obviously gives direct reference to the location of the research, also suggests the creative journey which the artist has embarked upon as he forays into a wider depiction of place through vistas of the physical landscape.


The ‘sense of place’ in these new paintings offers us a reflective view of the artist’s experience within the landscape itself. Sky, horizon-lines and foreground enable us to engage with the topography of Lewis and hints towards the historical resonance of people and land use through the centuries.