25 Scottish artists. 25 Finnish artists. 50 CD covers. 50 sound works. 3 compilation CDs. 1 Book.


An exploration of the study of the relationship between visual art and sound within the format of the CD. The audio pieces are installed as a jukebox presentation and cover songs, sounds, stories, recordings and karaoke. Alongside creating a sound piece, each artist has submitted a CD cover for display.


Blind Sight was originally curated for Centrespace VRC, Dundee and Artspace Titanik, Turku, Finland by Eddie Summerton, Norman Shaw and Annika Dahlsten.


Artists – Scotland

Derrick Guild, Gerald Mair, Farmhand, Moira Payne, Robert Dow, El Search, Don Paterson, Eddie Summerton, Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen, Arthur Watson, Mike Windle, Matt Dalziel and Louise Scullion, Beverley Hood, Dave Liddell, Neil McIntee, Mark Wallace, Luke Fowler, Andy Wake, Duncan Marquiss, Torsten Laushmann, Graeme Roger, The Weedjs, Norman Shaw, Mark Vernon, Kevin Henderson


Artists – Finland

Pauli Ahopelto & Julle Juntunen, Black Peider & Anssi 8000, Annika Dahlsten & Jukka Hiltunen, Juha Allan Ekholm, gM4, Ollipekka Kangas, Otto Kasvio, Leena Kela & Suvi Parrilla, Valter Kokot, Jani Lehto, Tuuli Lempa, Paivi Mauna & Janne Lappalainen, Tatu Metsahahti, O Samuli A, Timo Palumaki, Outi-Illuusia Parviainen, Sami Pennanen, Psycho Bears, Vesa Puhakka, Jani Purhonen, Joni Pyysalo, rihmasto, ros-ka, Suonihiuksisto.


Visitors’ comments:

‘Interesting and very different. You never know what to expect – I was surprised and liked it. Thanks!’


‘Brilliant show…. just have to come back again and again. It’s like a little sonic sanctuary.’